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1 project
10 users
100 Mb of storage
10 GB bandwidth


10 projects
Unlimited users
10 Gb of storage
Unlimited bandwidth


25 projects
Unlimited users
50 Gb of storage
Unlimited bandwidth


75 projects
Unlimited users
200 Gb of storage
Unlimited bandwidth


150 projects
Unlimited users
1 Tb of storage
Unlimited bandwidth

Cloud on demand

Unlimited projects
Unlimited users
Dynamic cloud
Unlimited bandwidth
* project: archived projects are not counted in the subscription, only the active ones.


We have listed the answers of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Should I download a software ?

A: Absolutely not :

When I have my subscription, I receive instantaneously my user name and my password by mail. Thus, from the moment I have an internet access, I can log on the website withe my user name and find all my projects and all the functionalities of the platform. Your colleagues and yourself can be in this way mobile and available on all your projects at the any time, no matter where you are !

Q: Are my data secure ?

A: Yes, undoubtedly. All your informations are secure, your bank details are secured by Paypal and are not retain on the server.

About your projects: they are only accessible from a secure connexion et indisponibles (unless you share theme without password)

We effect a daily back-up of all your data (files and inputs) to avoid any loss in case of our servers's breakdown. We invite you to read all our general terms and conditions and our privacy policy for more informations.

Q: How can I learn to use Preview ?

A: The platform was made in an intuitive way in order to answer to your requirement. You will be surprised by its ergonomics and its simplicity of use. Nevertheless if you find problems, you can contact us and submit your problems or ask for a demonstration or a video of training

They will allow us to develop this FAQ and to help ! Finally , by browsing the different functionalities and the numerous screenshots done, you should can be quickly familiarized with this tool.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription ?

A: Yes, at any time and without costs, but you will have access to only one project (your free one), your data and your projects will be automatically erased from the platform one month later.

Q: Can I modify my subscription ?

A: Yes, at any time, and still without costs.

Q: What are the online payment methods available ?

A: We use the payment platform Paypal and we have access to all the online payment methods available, so you can easily find the kind of payment method that correspond you.

Q: What are the outline payment methods available ?

A: About the outlines applications (cheque and bank transfer), thank you to send us a request of contact to be taken into account.

Q: Why do you ask me to put a javascript on my website ?

A: We use a javascript to collect all the user's informations when he create a new ticket (his position, his browser, the condition of the page) and to generate a screenshot of the page...

All these informations are made anonymous and are only accessible on your project.

Q: Can I use another method ?

A: Yes, we developed a Chrome extension that allows to have this informations without changing a line of your site, you just have to download it. Others extensions are being developed on the others browsers.

Another questions on our prices and our offers ?

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